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2018 Michelin Star Restaurant Reservations

A Michelin Star guide to restaurant reservations and tasting menu prices

Michelin Starred restaurants signify the finest dining the world has to offer. Securing reservations can often be difficult and time consuming. The restaurant guide below contains information on each San Francisco Michelin Starred tasting menu price, wine pairing price, and restaurant reservation information. Updated yearly, one Michelin Star denotes a "A very good restaurant in its category", two Michelin Stars "Excellent cooking, worth a detour", and the prestigious three Michelin Stars "Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey".

The San Francisco Bay Area was awarded seven three-star Michelin restaurants in 2018. Thomas Keller’s French Laundry remains a mecca for foodies and a favorite of Anthony Bourdain. Reservations have become easier at French Laundry now that they've moved to a new reservation systme. The Asian inspired Benu is notable for its seafood and “thousand-year-old” quail egg. The 3 Starred Saison features a pricy tasting menu of only the freshest seasonal ingredients. San Francisco now competes with NY for the most three star restaurants.

Other notable restaurants include the old-school Gary Danko with it’s famed cheese course. Lazy Bear’s community style dining and ticketing system are popular among the locals. Perhaps the cheapest Michelin Star restaurant is the spicy Thai food of Kin Khao.

This Michelin guide represents the most complete Michelin Star restaurant information in San Francisco. If you find something that's not quite right, please leave a comment below. More information about Michelin Star Restaurants can be found on Wikipedia. A map of the San Francisco Michelin Star restaurants can be found on SF Eater. Don't forget to checkout the rest of the guides: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C..


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2018 San Francisco Michelin List

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