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2018 Michelin Star Restaurant Reservations

A guide to the pricing and reservation information of Michelin Star restaurants

Michelin Starred restaurants signify the finest dining the world has to offer. Updated yearly, one Michelin Star denotes a "A very good restaurant in its category", two Michelin Stars "Excellent cooking, worth a detour", and the prestigious three Michelin Stars "Exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey".

Securing reservations at Michelin Star restaurants can often be difficult and time consuming. I'm hoping to ease that process with a directory of Michelin Starred restaurants in Los Angeles (below) with a link to the restaurant's website, link to their menu, tasting menu price, wine pairing price, how far in advance they accept reservations, and reservation links to Open Table. If you find this guide helpful, please leave a comment below.

It's important to note that Michelin suspended the their reviews of Los Angeles restaurants in 2010. The list below represents the restaurants that recieved Michelin Stars in 2009, with updated pricing and reservation info for 2018.

Disclaimer: I did my best find accurate information for the restaurants, but there will no doubt be some inaccuracies. If you find something that's not quite right, please leave a comment below. More information about Michelin Star Restaurants can be found on Wikipedia. Don't forget to checkout the rest of the guides: San Francisco, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, and Washington, D.C..


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2018 Los Angeles Michelin List

  Menu Link         Tasting Menu Price        Wine Pairing Price         How far in advance the restaurant accepts reservations

Restaurant Name Reservation Link Additional Info
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